Southsea Castle, Clarance Esplanade, Portsmouth, Portsmouth

Southsea Castle, Clarance Esplanade, Portsmouth, Portsmouth
Photograph taken 21 January 2001 © Mr Mark Bardell. Source Historic England Archive ref: 474386

Southsea Castle was an artillery castle built between 1538 and 1544. It was part of Henry VIII's network of coastal fortifications to protect England against the threat of French and Spanish invasion. It has been altered several times and has had various uses. During the English Civil War, the castle was taken by Parliamentary forces in 1642. It was used as a military prison from 1814 until 1850. In 1820 a lighthouse was built which is still in use today. The castle was refortified with the addition of coastal batteries in the 1860s and around 1902. In 1960 the castle was decommissioned and was acquired by Portsmouth City Council which has restored it to its 19th century appearance.


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