St Constantine's Cells, Wetheral, Cumbria

St Constantine's Cells, Wetheral, Cumbria
Photograph taken 01 August 2007 © Mr Rod C. Saunders. Source Historic England Archive ref: 77778

These 3 chambers are early medieval cave dwellings known to have been in use in the 14th century. They were used by the Priory of Wetheral as a place of refuge during border raids and also know as the 'Safe Guards'. Local legend says they were used by St Constantine when he was a hermit. They have a built up front wall with 3 small windows and a fireplace. Access would have originally been by ladder but now there is a stone cut path.


Cumbria Wetheral


Medieval (Middle Ages) (1066 - 1484)


cave house hermit monk defence Medieval (1066 - 1484)