Stone Age and Bronze Age Types of Arrowhead

The Stone Age itself is split by archaeologists into 3 stages.The Early Stone Age, known as the Palaeolithic, the Middle Stone Age, known as the Mesolithic and the New Stone Age, known as the Neolithic. The names all use the Latin for stone, which is lithic and then palaeo means old, meso means middle and neo means new. The arrowheads on the top row date from the Early Neolithic and are often known as 'leaf-shaped' arrowheads. Those on the middle row date from the Late Neolithic (the time of Stonehenge). The one the left is an 'oblique' arrowhead, the other 3 are called 'transverse' arrowheads. Those on the bottom row date from the Early Bronze Age and are known as 'barbed and tanged' arrowheads - the 'barbs' being the bits sticking out at either side and the 'tang' being the bit in the middle.




Prehistoric (to AD42)



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