Swimming Baths, Beverley Road, Kingston Upon Hull

Swimming Baths, Beverley Road, Kingston Upon Hull
Photograph taken 18 May 2001 © Mr John Turner. Source Historic England Archive ref: 387461

These swimming baths date from 1903-05. They were designed by A E White, City Engineer. The interior has a fine entrance hall and foyer with extremely high quality Art Nouveau tiling, which extends to the corridors and baths. The 2 swimming baths survive, with their original roofs, balconies and tiling. The individual bath cubicles still have all their tiling and the original baths. The swimming baths were provided for leisure and fitness. The individual bath were provided because most people did not have running water in their homes at this time, certainly not hot water. This made it difficult to have a bath at home, so individual baths were provided to improve personal hygiene.


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Edwardian (1902 - 1913)


leisure sport swimming bath health hygiene Edwardian (1902 - 1913)