The Saxon Church, Escomb, Durham

The Saxon Church, Escomb, Durham
Photograph taken 08 August 2000 © Mr Brian Wilcockson ARPS. Source Historic England Archive ref: 385740

This church dates from the 7th century. It is one of the earliest and most important churches in the country and still looks much as it would have done in Saxon times. It was built from irregular courses (rows) of squared sandstone, including re-used Roman stone, probably from Binchester. The quoin (corner) stones are typically Saxon. They are massive stones set with the long and short faces on alternate sides. It has a 14th century porch and some 13th and 19th century windows. It was restored in 1875-80 by R J Johnson and in 1965 by Sir Albert Richardson.


Durham Escomb


Anglo Saxon (Britons/English/Vikings) (410 - 1065)


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