The Stockport Sunday School, Stockport, Greater Manchester

The Stockport Sunday School, Stockport, Greater Manchester
Photograph taken 1860 - 1900 © Reproduced by permission of Historic England Archive ref: op09287

The interior of the Stockport Sunday School in Duke Street. The school was founded in 1784 and became the largest Sunday school in the world. It was situated on London Square behind the town hall. In 1805, £6000 pounds was raised from subscription and a school large enough to accommodate 5000 scholars was built. The school belonged to the town rather than a particular church. The building, austere in design, was 132 feet in length and 57 feet in width. The ground floor and first story were each divided into 12 rooms. The second story, which is shown in the photograph, was fitted up for assembling all of the children for public worship. It had two tiers of windows and a gallery on each side. The floor rose in an inclined plane about half way so that all the children could see and hear. There was also an orchestra with an organ behind the pulpit.


Greater Manchester Stockport


Victorian (1837 - 1901)


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