Upnor Castle, Upper Upnor, Medway

Upnor Castle, Upper Upnor, Medway
Photograph taken 14 August 1999 © Mr M.K Lofthouse. Source Historic England Archive ref: 172886

Upnor Castle was built as a fort in 1559-67 to defend the new dockyards at Chatham across the water. At the height of its use in the early 17th century the Castle was equipped with 'a demi-cannon, 7 culverin, 5 demi-culverin, a minion, a falcon, a saker and 4 fowlers with 2 chambers apiece'. Despite all these weapons the fort failed to stop an attack by the Dutch fleet in 1667. This property is managed by Medway Council.


Medway Upper Upnor


Tudor (1485 - 1602)


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