Must Farm: What was life like in Bronze Age Cambridgeshire?

This teaching activity uses evidence from the recent archaeological excavations at Must Farm to look at what life was like in Bronze Age Britain. These resources were co-created with Pippa Smith from Handling the Past.

Teaching idea

Using the PowerPoint (PPT) presentations above, pupils can learn about the role of archaeologists and about the discoveries made at the excavations of a Bronze Age village known as Must Farm. Each of the PPTs have additional information in the notes section to help teachers use them in the classroom. These provide greater detail about each slide, additional suggested activities and links to other relevant resources.

Learning aims and outcomes

  • Learn about the types of technology used in the Bronze Age
  • Learn about the everyday life of people in the Bronze Age
  • Learn about changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
  • Assess the different types of archaeological evidence from the Bronze Age
  • Establish clear narratives within and across the periods studied
  • Understand how knowledge of the past comes from a range of sources

Prior knowledge

Extended learning and useful links