Old Sunderland Education Resource Pack

This Education pack has been produced for teachers working in and around ‘Old Sunderland.’ However many of the teaching ideas are transferable to other areas. Old Sunderland is a Heritage Action Zone. The Heritage Action Zone is a programme of regeneration that aims to rejuvenate Sunderland’s High Street heritage.

Teaching idea

This resource pack (above) contains a range of lesson plans to help teachers learn about the history and geography of the Old Sunderland area. Many of the lesson plans will also support literacy, art and design, maths, computing, religious education, citizenship and design and technology.

The Education pack is aimed at Key stage 1 and 2 but could be adapted for children in key stage 3.

The suggested activities include:

  • Look at the changing tradition of maps, using compass points and recording information on maps
  • Compare aerial photographs of Old Sunderland and record similarities and difference in the area over time
  • Visit Old Sunderland and create a photographic display of some of the important buildings
  • Use trade directories and census records to research families that lived in Old Sunderland in the past
  • Produce a piece of art or creative writing describing the changing spirit of Old Sunderland
  • Learn about the local heroes and villains such as Jack Casey, a famous boxer from Sunderland
  • Create a chap book of the local area. A chap book is a small booklet containing a collection of pictures or ideas about a theme

Learning outcomes

  • Pupils should develop new skills in using maps, aerial photographs and ordnance survey materials
  • Pupils should develop field work skills
  • Pupils should develop locational and place based knowledge
  • Pupils should develop historical enquiry and research skills
  • Pupils should be able to use primary historical evidence to help research questions
  • Understand changes and events within and beyond living memory
  • Pupils should understand significant events, people and places in their own locality

Prior knowledge

  • No prior knowledge is required

Extended learning and useful links

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