What can archaeological evidence tell us about Roman life?

A reconstruction drawing of Wallsend Roman Fort.

Teaching idea

Explain to pupils about evidence and the role of an archaeologist. The worksheet above provides additional information on this topic. Then ask pupils to look at the pictures in the Image by Theme collection called Roman Remains. Ask pupils to choose 3 of the pictures that they think show evidence that the Romans settled in Britain after they had invaded. Then ask them to present their choices in the chart provided (see worksheet), giving reasons for each choice. This could then lead to a class discussion about their choices.

Learning aims and outcomes

  • To select and record information about Roman ways of life
  • To use the terms 'invade' and 'settle'
  • To learn how evidence can tell you about Roman life
  • To ask and answer questions about what survived from the Roman settlement of Britain
  • To present information to show an understanding of the impact of Roman settlement on Britain

Prior knowledge

  • An understanding that the Romans invaded Britain in the past

Extended learning and useful links