Grants Given

Our grants help owners look after some of the most important buildings, monuments and designed landscapes in the country. We also help fund research so we can understand and care for the historic environment better.

We also contribute to the costs of some organisations working to care for the historic environment, boosting the impact of their work and helping to get more people involved in it.

Last year we spent £20.1 million across our grant schemes. The grant offers varied in amount depending on the level of financial commitment required for each project. These projects can take from a few months to several years to complete.

Grant Expenditure 2017-18 (£m)

Pie chart showing grant expenditure 2017-18 (£m):
Buildings and Monuments 10.1
Conservation Areas 0.4
Historic Environment 4.4
Other 5.2
Total 20.1

Who receives funding

We give grants through a range of funding schemes tailored to specific activities or building types. We cater for all types of property owner and you can find out more about the grants we offer by following the links below:

Our Repair Grants for Places of Worship scheme ceased in 2013. If you're looking for information about Grants for Places of Worship run by the Heritage Lottery Fund, please contact your local HLF office.

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