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Heritage Action Zones

Find out how we can help you to unlock the economic potential of a historic site in your area with our new Heritage Action Zones scheme.

Breathe New Life Into an Old Place - Make It a Heritage Action Zone

This initiative harnesses our extensive and wide-ranging expertise to help breathe new life into unloved places and achieve sustainable growth.

High Streets Heritage Action Zones

Funding to find new ways to champion and revive our historic high streets through the High Streets Heritage Action Zones scheme.


Restoring and reviving Appleby as a tourist attraction, benefitting the local economy and the people who live and work there.

Bishop Auckland Heritage Action Zone

Revitalising the historic market town and helping to regenerate it as a vibrant place for locals, businesses and visitors.


Transforming Coventry through heritage.

Dewsbury Living Market Town Heritage Action Zone

Driving regeneration of the town centre to bring it back into use as housing, community or commercial spaces.


People living and working in the village and neighbouring communities have much to gain from Elsecar's rich heritage and proud story.

Gosport Heritage Action Zone

Pooling the skills and resources of a number of partners to save Gosport’s military heritage.

Greater Grimsby Heritage Action Zone

Conserve Grimsby's fishing heritage.

Hull Old Town

Bringing the Old Town back to life by working with residents and businesses to develop a vision for the area as a place to live, work and visit.

King's Lynn

How new development which works with historic Lynn can reinforce the economic, social and environmental vitality of this modern medieval town.

North Lowestoft Heritage Quarter Heritage Action Zone

Provide support, training, advice and grant funding to bring historic buildings back into use as housing or retail spaces.


The Heart of Nottingham Heritage Action Zone will reveal the city's history and in turn secure its future conservation.

Ramsgate Heritage Action Zone

Achieve economic growth by using the historic environment as a catalyst.

Rochdale Town Centre

Transform a failing, retail dominated street into a vibrant area of mixed-use development that acknowledges and celebrates heritage.

Stockton and Darlington Railway Heritage Action Zone

Help rejuvenate and restore the 26 mile stretch of historic railway, and realise its potential to become a major heritage attraction.

Stoke-on-Trent Ceramic Heritage Action Zone

Regenerating Longton High Street, enhancing the local housing offer and protecting surviving bottle kilns throughout the city.

Sunderland’s Historic High Streets Heritage Action Zone

Sunderland's 'Historic High Streets' Heritage Action Zone aims to bring Sunderland's high street heritage back to life.


Helping Sutton face the challenges presented by growth whilst ensuring the character of the town centre is not lost.

Swindon Heritage Action Zone

An ambitious five year plan to revitalise the town’s unique heritage and unlock its economic potential.

Walworth Heritage Action Zone

Championing Walworth in the face of development pressure.


The Great Weston Heritage Action Zone will help the town's heritage play a part in its regeneration.