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© Paul Alexander Knox

The Impacts of Heritage Action Zones

Our historic environment is an echo of our past and a vital part of our sustainable future. It not only provides workspaces, homes, community and leisure spaces, jobs and training opportunities; but it also supports the economy and encourages tourism.

Historic England’s Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) schemes are designed to unleash the power of the historic environment, creating conditions for economic growth and improving the quality of life in villages, towns and cities across England.

Since 2016, 10 Heritage Action Zone schemes have been completed, with a further 10 currently being delivered. Historic buildings that were deteriorating through decades of neglect have been restored and put back into use, providing employment and volunteering opportunities; conservation areas have been improved, kick-starting regeneration and renewal that has helped to attract significant investment and meet local housing targets; and unsung places are now being recognised and celebrated for their unique character and heritage.

Throughout this work Historic England has championed research to support positive change. We have commissioned 83 heritage guidance documents and provided over 800 hours of heritage training sessions which have benefited 14,000 people. Historic England are enablers of positive change.

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This map shows the 10 completed Heritage Action Zone projects. We've picked out 4 case studies to show how they can work for you. Click on the map pins for more information.

Heritage Action Zones

Together with our partners, we're breathing new life into old places that are rich in heritage and full of promise - unlocking their potential and making them more attractive to residents, businesses, tourists and investors.

Heritage Action Zones

National expertise, locally delivered

Our advice is based on our experience and expertise in the historic environment and we have a network of staff across England with a wide range of professional skills. Our staff specialise in:

  • assessment
  • processing grants
  • giving advice to owners, developers and local authorities
  • designation
  • heritage data
  • government policy and communications

We also publish an extensive range of expert advice and guidance to help you care for and protect historic places.

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