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Screening for Potential Listing

Screening for Potential Listing provides a way to reduce uncertainty early on in the development process when you need to find out whether a substantial area of land may contain buildings or structures that could merit our consideration for listing.

We will carry out a survey and provide a report to give our assessment of the likelihood of any above-ground heritage assets meriting further consideration for listing.

The report will also indicate heritage assets which may merit local designation; however decision-making on these is for the Local Planning Authority to determine.

This will be particularly helpful where blocks of land are being assembled for development or for disposal with a view to redevelopment, or where areas are under consideration for regeneration.

Please note: This service will not identify below-ground archaeological potential, which will need to be addressed separately with the Local Planning Authority.

Screening for Potential Listing is only available as a paid-for service. 

A full description of Screening for Potential Listing can be seen in the EAS Service Descriptions document below alongside the information we will require to assess your request.

How to apply for Screening for Potential Listing

To request Screening for Potential Listing please either contact your local Historic England office or email the Listing team.

Contact us

If you would like to discuss this new service further then please either contact your local Historic England office or you can contact the Listing team using the contact information below.

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