E-Learning Modules

We provide online training resources to help supplement our short course training opportunities and make them more widely available. Our online training includes short overview training resources and longer courses to work through.

Heritage Crime

'Heritage Crime for Police Officers' is a scenario based online training course designed to support Police Officers.

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Heritage Crime for Prosecutors

'Heritage Crime for Prosecutors' is designed to help police officers, prosecutors and people who have to deal with heritage crime, identify and gather the correct information to help bring about a successful prosecution.

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Neglected Listed Buildings

'Neglected Listed Buildings' is a scenario based training course for local authority historic environment, conservation and community safety practitioners.

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Aerial Photography for Heritage Management

'Aerial Photography for Heritage Management' is a short online training course introducing concepts and techniques of aerial photography for heritage management.

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Heritage Values

'Heritage Values' is an introduction to the Heritage Values, as found in Conservation Principles, and their use in understanding and explaining significance.

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Soil Texturing

'Soil Texturing' is a quick step by step guide on how to use finger texturing to identify soil types.

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Matt Faber
Matt Faber

ELearning Instructional Designer

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