Historic England's webinars are free to register for and provide an interactive and immersive live online learning experience on a variety of topics relevant to the heritage sector and support Historic England's HELM training programme. On this page, you can register for future webinars and view recordings of recent sessions.


Flooding and the historic environment – 12 December

Water is essential for life but you can have too much of a good thing. Flooding has been identified as one of the principal risks for the UK associated with our changing climate. Past years have seen devastating flooding over large areas of the country and an estimated 1 in 6 properties in England are estimated to be in areas at risk of flooding. 

Flood water affects our historic environment an can cause harm to heritage assets, however if looked after our traditional buildings may be far more able to cope than you might think.

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Building Preservation Notices- 5 December

The number of regrettable stories we read about where valuable, historic buildings are demolished before they can be protected could be reduced if we all made better use of the tools at our disposal. Building Preservation Notices (BPNs) are underused, but they are straightforward if simple steps are taken. 

Historic England is about to produce an updated Advice Note and is working on related initiatives to try and reduce unnecessary loss. For example, some authorities are reluctant to serve BPN's because of a perceived risk of potential compensation claims. We’re keen to hear about experiences, both positive and negative, in this whole area and to discuss how Historic England can offer more help.

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Asset transfers- 4 December

Many local authorities are taking a close look at the property they own with a view to making savings and rationalising their holdings. At the same time, there are increasing opportunities, provided in part by legislative change, for communities to take a more active role in their local area. These two principles are brought together in the transfer of heritage assets from local authority ownership, into the hands of local communities. This webinar aims to look at the issues and challenges surrounding this process.

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Stopping the Rot- 23 November

This webinar is designed to introduce local authorities to the powers available to them to help secure the preservation of historic buildings. These powers include Urgent Works Notices, Repairs Notices and Section 215.

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Curtilage - 15 November

This webinar looked at the considerations necessary when assessing curtilage and provide guidelines for curtilage in the planning process. 

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Neighbourhood Planning – 18 October

Getting the right heritage-related content in a neighbourhood plan can not only contribute to a sound and legally compliant plan, it can also deliver significant local benefits. This webinar introduces a new Historic England Advice Note on neighbourhood planning, complemented by information sheets and additional guidance on the Historic England website. With practical advice and examples, the webinar explores how to build robust and proportionate evidence and how to deliver heritage objectives through neighbourhood planning policy.

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Streets for all – 9 October

This webinar provides practical advice for anyone involved in planning and implementing highways and other public realm works in sensitive historic locations, including highways engineers, planners and urban and landscape designers. It draws on experience of Historic England’s planning teams in highways and public realm schemes, including case studies showing where highways works and other public realm schemes have successfully integrated with and enhanced areas of historic or architectural sensitivity.

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Marine Planning- 20 March

This webinar is led by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), to introduce marine planning for the English inshore and offshore area. This session will provide useful information for local authority planning staff keen to see how marine planning encompasses cultural heritage and associated social factors.

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Heritage Crime- 14 March

Crime and anti-social behaviour, affecting historic sites and buildings in England, is becoming an ever increasing problem. This webinar will help develop your knowledge and understanding of what is being done to tackle the problem and how you can help. 

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Community Groups- 7 March

This webinar aims to provide insight and support to local authority staff in building relationships with local heritage community groups.

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An Introduction to Setting- 21 February

This Webinar will help you to understand the principles of setting and argues how it contributes to the significance of a heritage asset.

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Conservation Areas- 7 February

This webinar introduces an alternative approach to the traditional Conservation Area Appraisal, explaining how and why this approach was developed, and will show an example of one of the Conservation Area Appraisals.

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Conservation Principles- 22 January

Colleagues from across the Heritage Conservation communities are invited to participate in a webinar on the proposed changes to  Conservation Principles for the Sustainable Management of the Historic Environment.

This webinar, run by Duncan McCallum and Andy Brown who have been very involved in the drafting, will cover:

(a) Why change the 2008  Conservation Principles document?

(b) What is being proposed in the revised draft?

(c) What are the main issues arising from the proposed changes?

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Traditional Windows- 23 May

This webinar will provide an understanding of Historic England’s approach to advising on the alteration and replacement of historic windows in listed buildings.

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Local Listing- 24 November

This webinar considers how local heritage lists might be adopted effectively and efficiently and, by sharing examples of good practice, show how neighbourhood planners and community groups can successfully be involved in establishing local lists. 

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Local Listed Building Consent Orders- 7 December

Local Listed Building Consent Orders (LLBCO) were introduced by section 60 of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013. This webinar will give on overview of the policy background of LLBCOs and talks  about how they can be set up, before reflecting on some lessons learnt at Port Sunlight.  

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Series Webinars

We now also offer series of webinars on specific topics in addition to the one-off webinars noted above, starting with a pilot series on enforcement in support of Heritage at Risk. You can find out more from the dedicated series webinar page

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