Historic Environment Management

The Historic Environment Management (HEM) programme delivers training that will deepen understanding and aid the deployment of existing and emerging government policies, legislation and good practice in managing the historic environment.

Courses will build on the fundamentals covered in our ‘Essentials’ programme to provide more in-depth learning on topics at the heart of historic environment management and education around more specialist themes, including climate change.

The programme is aimed primarily at local authority historic environment services, planning staff, and other professionals whose decision-making affects the historic environment.

Programme aims

The programme aims to:

  • Improve knowledge and implementation of government policies, legislation and good practice in historic environment management
  • Enhance understanding of Historic England guidance through interactive learning and case studies
  • Create confidence in taking decisions which realise the potential and benefits of the historic environment

Stopping the rot

Coming soon

This course introduces dealing with at-risk heritage and 'problem' sites. This course leads to the Historic England Stopping the Rot Guidance. This will be referred to throughout. 

Assessing statements of significance

Coming soon

This course is aimed at planners within local authorities (and others managing decision-making in the planning system) to assess statements of heritage significance.