Webinar on Adaptive Release

Here you can find a webinar on 'adaptive release', recorded in 2022 as part of our Climate Friday series.

Why this topic is important

The concept of adaptive release is a new approach developed through a two-year process of collaboration and consultation which brought together historic and natural environment practitioners and academic researchers.

The webinar discussed the outcomes of the Landscape Futures project and further development of adaptive release.  It also introduced the Heritage Lost and Found Knowledge Hub where practitioners can share thoughts, research and case studies involving approaches to managing the loss of heritage assets.

Because of a changing climate, loss is accelerating and we're finding ourselves very much on the back foot... We have to find a way of consistently applying a framework to allow good decisions to be made about where to focus our limited resources...This project is really important. It forces us to confront some of these issues and start to talk about how we might establish processes to deal with loss, and make space to have conversations with communities about their connection to changing places. This kind of leadership is essential as we see these forces of change becoming ever more present in our daily lives.

Ian Morrison, Director of Policy & Evidence, Historic England

We talk about the careful management of change, but it’s a really difficult thing to face into.... Coming out of this project we’re all thinking a bit differently, and have the confidence to do more, to trial adaptive release in some real places... If we need to lose something — and this is really at the very narrow end of the spectrum — it’s really important we lose it well; it’s really important that we find a way to have these conversations together, that we bring people in, that we provide that longer-term landscape context, that we consult, that we record, and — if we have to — we release, we celebrate and we mourn together.

Ingrid Samuel, Director of Placemaking & Heritage, National Trust

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