Oral Histories on Enrich the List

Working with the British Library we've added links to dozens of audio recordings that let you meet the people behind the historic places on the National Heritage List for England.

In 2016 we launched Enriching the List, a crowd-sourcing initiative inviting people to share their knowledge and pictures of listed places with us.

In this first collection we explore Pioneering Women:

Pioneering Women

British Library

Oral Histories help us to understand why the public value their historic places. It helps us to capture memories of the people that love, use and breathe our built heritage environment. Capturing the community memory of places is key to our understanding of the value accorded to their historic buildings.

British Library Oral History Collection

Get Involved

Many places on the List are well-known and even world-famous. But in some cases there is much that remains unknown.

99% of people in England live within a mile of a listed building or place. We invite you to share your knowledge and pictures of listed places with us, so we can record important facts, and even unlock the secrets of some places.

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