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UK Heritage Pulse – A Collaborative Research Project for the Heritage Sector

A community of thousands at the heart of the sector share their views and insights to help shape strategy and inform the recovery and the reinvention of the heritage sector post-Covid-19.

UK Heritage Pulse has been created by Historic England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund to ensure your voice is heard.


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Latest findings

Heritage sector is concerned about financial outlook but committed to the environment

The second wave of results from the UK Heritage Pulse, a collaborative research project collecting the views and experience of the UK’s heritage sector, have just been released.

Our second UK Heritage Pulse survey – which ran from 9 August to 9 September 2022 – focused on organisational resilience, recruitment and staffing and environmental sustainability.

From the 247 responses to the survey, we learned:

Organisational resilience

Heritage organisations are confident in the short term, but this drops off when looking further ahead. Increasing costs and the rate of inflation are impacting confidence levels.

  • 92% of organisations are very confident their organisations will survive the next three months, but this falls to 61% when considering beyond six months.
  • 47% feel they can confidently predict their financial outlook over the next 12 months.

Recruitment and staffing

The sector is concerned about adequately staffing their organisations, particularly when it comes to specialist roles, and reliance on volunteers is a risk factor.

  • 44% of organisations plan to recruit volunteers in the next 6 months
  • 38% of organisations plan to recruit more specialist staff with 61% expecting it to be more challenging than in the past to do so.

Environmental sustainability

Heritage organisations are committed to tackling the climate crisis, but there are significant gaps in skills, knowledge and resources to do as much as they’d like.

  • 55% of organisations have someone who is responsible for environmental sustainability and 53% have an environmental sustainability policy
  • 30% of organisations measure their carbon footprint and 25% have a carbon reduction plan.

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