Meet Some of Our Colleagues

Find out more about what it’s like to work here and how the careers of some of our colleagues based in Swindon have developed.

Colour portrait photo (head and shoulders) of Sarah Stevens, Asset Controller, IT

Sarah Stevens

Asset Controller, IT

What have you discovered?
"I've discovered so much already. I've been able to develop my career and take on new responsibilities rather quickly. One of the main reasons I enjoy working here is because I'm always learning different things."

How do you make a difference?
"IT is a huge part of our daily lives now, and I'm very proud to help and support those who contribute to England's historic environment through making sure they have the IT equipment to continue to do so."

What is your future?
"I'm excited about becoming more immersed in my role by attending training sessions within the IT department, but through also attending general skills courses too."

Colour head and shoulders portrait photo of Robert Youe, Assistant Procurement Manager

Robert Youe

Assistant Procurement Manager

What have you discovered?
"You get to engage with interesting people across both Historic England and English Heritage. I've been involved in an incredibly diverse range of projects from the purchasing of standard services such as IT and Facilities, to conservation and renovation of historic buildings, and commissioning of research. I even had to advise on purchasing an early edition of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' for Whitby Abbey."

How do you make a difference?
"No matter what sector you work in, procurement skills will always be in demand and I enjoy using my commercial experience to get the best value I can for both Historic England and English Heritage."

What is your future?
"Having spent the majority of my career in the private sector which was all about making money for shareholders, it's been great for me to come to an organisation like Historic England and be involved in something that contributes towards our social capital. I look forward to mentoring the procurement apprentice when they join us."

Colour portrait photo of Kevin Fernandes, Request Coordinator, IT

Kevin Fernandes

Request Coordinator, IT

What have you discovered?
"There are plenty of career opportunities, alongside our benefits that include free entry to English Heritage sites."

How do you make a difference?
"I'm inspired by the friendliness of my colleagues working around me, including the management."

What is your future?
"I'm looking to progress within the organisation, with more training sessions to develop my existing role"

Colour portrait photo (head and shoulders) of Bethany Hayden, HR Adviser

Bethany Hayden

HR Adviser

What have you discovered?
"I enjoy working here because of the people. Everyone in HR is so friendly and supportive of each other."

How do you make a difference?
"I'm always looking and striving for continuous improvement. How can we improve processes, not only for our department but for managers and employees within the organisation."

What is your future?
"I've recently been promoted into HR Adviser role and I hope to gain more experience and insight into HR practices as I learn and develop in this role."

Colour portrait photo (head and shoulders) of Lewis Hill, Assistant Finance Business Partner

Lewis Hill

Assistant Finance Business Partner

What have you discovered?
"From the day I started, the first thing that struck me was how friendly the people are. Despite not knowing me, everyone said hello and asked how I was doing - I hadn't come across that before."

How do you make a difference?
"I'm proud to work for an organisation that's involved in the preservation of buildings, monuments and items of interest to the public, which can be enjoyed by the current and future generations."

What is your future?
"My immediate goal is to become AAT qualified, then I'll be supported to become CIMA qualified. The training permitted by HE has allowed me to have a greater understanding of my role and an overall understanding of the Finance department."

Colour photo of Kieran Byrne, Listing Customer Service

Kieran Byrne

Listing Customer Service

What have you discovered?
"I've discovered a lot about myself and how I acquire new skills and adapt to change. There are constantly new challenges, initiatives and projects to tackle, and often completely different to anything I've encountered before."

How do you make a difference?
"The support, expertise and enthusiasm of my colleagues inspire me to give my best in every situation."

What is your future?
"With the evolution of technology, public expectation and corporate goals a constant, I look forward to helping Historic England meet every challenge that comes its way."

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