A group of younger Historic England employees in discussion seated at a table in a sunny courtyard.
Historic England staff enjoying the outside courtyard space at the Swindon office. © Historic England Archive. Image reference DP189390.
Historic England staff enjoying the outside courtyard space at the Swindon office. © Historic England Archive. Image reference DP189390.

Apprenticeships - Find Your Place

We value apprenticeships at Historic England. That’s why, in partnership with a number of heritage organisations, we are leading on the development of new apprenticeship routes into the heritage sector,

We want to support individuals, from a range of backgrounds, who are passionate about contributing to the care of our spectacular historic environment. And we’re proud to be continually growing the amount and range of apprenticeships we offer.

Our current apprenticeship opportunities

Do you imagine yourself undertaking archaeological excavations at a historic site, or perhaps providing research on the planning and development process of a historic building? Or maybe you’d like to support our people by providing HR guidance?

We are recruiting apprentices for the Hamish Ogston Heritage Building Skills programme

We are delighted to announce that we are offering a further 8 exciting apprenticeships on the Hamish Ogston Heritage Building Skills programme.

Meet our apprentices

Some our apprentices explain their roles and their experiences of working with us. We also hear from one of the apprentice host organisations taking part in the Hamish Ogston Foundation Building Skills Programme.

Why do an apprenticeship at Historic England?

All of our apprenticeships offer you the chance to develop real work experience combined with off-the-job training, supported by one of our approved training providers.

The value of an apprenticeship

Leading to officially recognised qualifications, an apprenticeship at Historic England is a great way to earn while you learn.

Our apprenticeships are open to everyone. Regardless of your background, you will only ever need the minimum entry requirement qualifications for the apprenticeship standard you’re applying to – usually GCSE English and Maths (level 4). All we then ask is that you share our enthusiasm for how heritage connects communities - and this applies to our non–heritage apprenticeships as well.

About our apprenticeships

Historic England offers a variety of apprenticeships across heritage and non–heritage roles. Our apprenticeships vary in length but will always last for at least 12 months. We are proud to offer apprenticeships from Level 2 upwards and up to Level 7. You will usually spend 80% of your time learning through your day-to-day role at one of our offices and 20% of your time attending college. Sometimes, your designated learning coach may visit you at your workplace or set up online sessions to support you virtually.

Developing you

We’ll equip you with all the learning and development you need to successfully complete your apprenticeship and gain a recognised qualification. You’ll be assigned a Line Manager and Mentor who will actively participate and support you on your journey with us. This support could include time to complete off-the-job training and provide you with opportunities to use what you have learnt in your work.

We have developed a suite of learning for our apprentices which starts with your induction. We also offer lots of general skills training including time management, fast effective reading courses, strength-based development and transformation needs.

While we can’t guarantee a permanent role at the end of your apprenticeship, we do support you to apply for roles within Historic England and will encourage you to look for suitable positions. We will also support you with your ongoing career at the end of your apprenticeship through various employability skills training, regardless of whether you choose to stay with us.

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Historic England is a youth friendly employer

Historic England has committed to The Good Youth Employment Charter and is a Youth Friendly Employer. We recognise the importance of the following principles:

  • Creating opportunity – Provide opportunities for young people to gain the skills and experiences they need, through meaningful and good quality experiences of the world of work that raise their aspirations, skills and personal networks.
  • Recognising Talent – Recruit young people based on their ability, talent and potential, recognising they may have limited experience. Ensure young people from Black, Asian and ethnic minority groups, as well as those young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds or those with additional needs or barriers are not unfairly excluded.
  • Fair Employment – Provide good quality employment opportunities for young people, such as apprenticeships, graduate roles, entry level jobs and supported internships. Offer fair and safe opportunities and rewards in accordance with the highest industry standards.
  • Developing People – Promote the development of all young people through on and off the job training and support so they are motivated to take ownership and responsibility for their careers, and they are equipped to progress.
  • Youth Voice – Listen to young people. Actively provide opportunities for their voice to be heard within a community or organisation.

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