Listed Building Consent

If you want to alter or extend a listed building in a way that affects its character or appearance as a building of special architectural or historic interest, or even demolish it, you must first apply for Listed Building Consent from your local planning authority.

You should check first with your local authority Conservation Officer whether or not consent will be needed for what you plan to do. You should also get an outline of what might be acceptable and find out whether ideas need to be adapted to make them more likely to succeed. This simple step could save a lot of time and money.

When the planning authority considers whether to grant or to refuse an application, it must give particular attention to the desirability of preserving the building, its setting and those features which make it special. These are the things you should think about when you are planning your proposed changes.

You can download an application form for Listed Building Consent from your local authority's website. You can also find advice and guidance on how to apply by visiting the relevant pages of government's Planning Portal website. There is no fee.

Unauthorised work is a criminal offence

You need to be aware that carrying out unauthorised works to a listed building is a criminal offence and individuals can be prosecuted.

A planning authority can insist that all work carried out without consent is reversed. You should therefore always talk to the local planning authority before any work is carried out to a listed building.

An owner will have trouble selling a property which has not been granted Listed Building Consent for work carried out.

Changes to the way Listed Building Consent can be granted have been introduced, and are explained in our web page on the effects of the Enterprise and Regulatory Act 2013.

Any questions?

Our video below answers some of the most common questions about Listed Building Consent, explaining when it is needed, when to apply for planning permission as well, and how to apply.


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