Enabling Development and Historic Places

This page introduces the Historic England advice to support Local Planning Authorities and applicants in developing proposals for enabling development and on making planning decisions on such applications.

Enabling development is development that would normally be unacceptable in planning terms but for the fact that it would bring public benefits – the future conservation of a historic place for example.

Our advice on Enabling Development explains how the disadvantages of departing from the policies in the Local Plan are outweighed and how the future conservation of a historic place can be secured.

It also provides information to help local authorities, planning and other consultants, owners, applicants and other interested parties in implementing historic environment policy in the  National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the related guidance given in the National Planning Practice Guide (PPG).

The advice in this document, in accordance with the NPPF, emphasises that the information required in support of applications for planning permission and listed building consent should be no more than is necessary to reach an informed decision, and that activities to conserve or investigate the asset needs to be proportionate to the significance of the heritage assets affected and the impact on that significance.

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