Clifton, Bristol, from the south-east, 1921

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Clifton, Bristol, from the south-east, 1921 © Historic England ST568727 ST5672/027 Explore our images

Aerofilms: Britain from Above 1919-1953

This exhibition has now ended.

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Here you can find out about our free exhibitions of aerial photographs of Britain taken between 1919-1953.

Aerofilms Ltd was a pioneering firm of commercial aerial photographers. Established in 1919, Aerofilms' founders were a collection of adventurers, showmen and aviation enthusiasts who married the fledgling technology of flight to the discipline of photography.

The firm's photographs provide a unique view of the development of Britain's villages, towns, cities and landscapes throughout the 20th century. Aerofilms exhibition is now on show at the following location:

RAF Museum, London: 1 April - 4 September 2016

Aerofilms' story began at Hendon on what is now the site of the RAF Museum. This free exhibition displays Aerofilms photographs alongside museum objects including aerial cameras, a Supermarine Spitfire and Aerofilms' A5 Autograph map-making machine.

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Archive aerial photograph looking across the River Mersey
Pier Head Liverpool and the Three Graces. Aerofilms 1920. © Historic England. Aerofilms Collection EPW003058
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