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Featured collections

  • Picturing High Streets Collection 

    A national collection of photographs documenting England’s high streets, taken by artists and members of the public in the early 2020s.

  • Harold Wingham Collection

    Described as “one of the unsung heroes” of aerial photography, Harold Wingham created photographs of outstanding quality and interest.

  • John Laing Photographic Collection

    The John Laing collection provides a unique insight into the origins of iconic British buildings and the human effort that went into building them.

Our other collections

  • England's Places

    Discover photos of English cities, towns and villages from the Architectural Red Box Collection.

  • Aerial Photo Explorer

    Explore England's changing landscapes through historic aerial photography, showcasing the growth and transformations of urban and rural areas.

  • Over 9 million historical photos

    Details of our photography collections held in the public Historic England Archive.


Choose from framed prints of iconic landmarks, jigsaws that bring history to life, or books filled with architectural wonders.