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Featured collections

  • Picturing High Streets Collection 

    A national collection of photographs documenting England’s high streets, taken by artists and members of the public in the early 2020s.

  • Harold Wingham Collection

    Described as “one of the unsung heroes” of aerial photography, Harold Wingham created photographs of outstanding quality and interest.

  • John Laing Photographic Collection

    The John Laing collection provides a unique insight into the origins of iconic British buildings and the human effort that went into building them.

Our other collections

  • England's Places

    Discover photos of English cities, towns and villages from the Architectural Red Box Collection.

  • Aerial Photo Explorer

    Explore England's changing landscapes through historic aerial photography, showcasing the growth and transformations of urban and rural areas.

  • Over 9 million historical photos

    Details of our photography collections held in the public Historic England Archive.