Here you can find out how we decide which collections to accept and how you could contribute to the Archive.

We focus on collections which have a wide geographic coverage and show a particular aspect of the archaeological or architectural heritage of England. Our archives are continuing to grow as we add more collections which shed new light on England's historic environment. Can you help us by adding to our Archive collections?

We're particularly interested in photographic collections, but accept many other kinds of records as well, both historic and modern. We're very grateful to all those individuals and organisations who give material to us, ensuring that it's available to future generations.

How do we decide which collections to accept?

In deciding whether to accept a collection offered to us we’ll consider whether:

  • The collection fills a gap in our existing holdings or significantly enhances what we already hold
  • There’s another archive which would be a more appropriate home for a collection – such as the local record office for collections about particular places
  • The records are original – we don't usually accept copies of material available elsewhere
  • The collection is well documented and organised, so we can provide access to researchers

Contact us

If you have records which you think we might be interested in and would like to discuss this further please contact our Acquisitions Officer [email protected].

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