Built to Last? The buildings of the Northamptonshire boot and shoe industry

By Kathryn A Morrison, Ann Bond

Northamptonshire is renowned for the production of high-quality boots and shoes, which were exported throughout the world. Its manufacturers dispatched huge cargoes of footwear for all climates and terrains to the colonies. Periodically the demands of war also spurred production to new heights and created new markets.

This book outlines the evolution of boot and shoemaking in Northamptonshire. It examines the landscapes and buildings created in the service of the industry, highlighting their special qualities and emphasising the importance of conservation and regeneration in preserving the best of the boot and shoe heritage for the future.

Additional Information

  • Series: Informed Conservation
  • Publication Status: Completed
  • Pages: 66
  • Product Code: 50921
  • ISBN: 9781848023031 (e-book)


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