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Practical Building Conservation


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Practical Building Conservation is a ten-volume series that looks at the conservation of building materials and systems. It builds on our research and field experience and is aimed at those who work on or look after historic buildings: primarily architects, surveyors, engineers, conservators, contractors and conservation officers, but also owners, curators, students and researchers.

This volume, Conservation Basics, reviews the history and evolution of building conservation in England, explaining the philosophical and legal frameworks that exist today, and considering possible future developments. It covers the processes involved in caring for historic buildings, and gives advice on the practical application of current legislation and guidance. Topics covered include conservation planning, surveying and recording, assessment, and planning programmes of maintenance and repair (including specification and procurement).

Practical Building Conservation series

The ten volume series, published by Ashgate/Routledge on our behalf, is available to purchase from their web site: Routledge/PBC.

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