Practical Building Conservation Series

The Practical Building Conservation series is a comprehensive and practical reference for professionals involved in repairing historic buildings. 

The series builds on the research and field experience of Historic England, and is aimed at those who work on or look after historic buildings: primarily architects, surveyors, engineers, conservators, contractors and conservation officers, but also owners, curators, students and researchers.

Published by Routledge on our behalf, the books are available to purchase from their website. First published in 1988, the revised and expanded ten-volume series includes:

Building Environment

Published 30 September 2014

This volume, Building Environment, looks at the interaction between building materials and systems and their surroundings and how this may lead to deterioration, outlining the evolution of building envelope design and environmental control systems.


Published 29 March 2013

A great deal of research and literature has been produced on repairing concrete structures but very little aimed at conserving the character or appearance of historic examples. This volume Concrete, offers guidance as to how this should be done.

Conservation Basics

Published 29 March 2013

This volume, Conservation Basics, reviews the history and evolution of building conservation in England, explaining the philosophical and legal frameworks that exist today, and considering possible future developments.

Earth, Brick & Terracotta

Published 25 November 2015

This volume, Earth, Brick and Terracotta deals with fired and unfired clay products.

Glass & Glazing

Published 1 March 2012

This volume, Glass & Glazing, looks at the conservation of one of the most important building materials, and its use in windows, roofing and walling.


Published 1 March 2012

This volume, Metals, deals with the conservation of a group of materials that have been used in buildings for everything from structural components and fixings to weatherproofing, repairs, and decoration.

Mortars, Renders & Plasters

Published 1 March 2012

Mortars, Renders and Plasters provides a broad perspective of contemporary conservation theory and practice not otherwise found in one publication.


Published 2 December 2013

This volume, Roofing, looks at traditional roof coverings used on historic buildings.


Published 1 March 2012

This volume, Stone, considers the wide variety of its historical uses, from simple masonry walling through to elaborate carving and decoration.


Published 1 March 2012

This volume, Timber deals with wide-ranging use of the material in historic buildings, from vast structural timber-frames through to high-class joinery and simple fixings.

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