Listed Building Consent

Historic England Advice Note 16

This Historic England Advice Note gives both general advice for owners of listed buildings about listed building consent as an application process and on how to judge whether proposals need consent, how to achieve certainty on the need for consent and how to make informed applications. It also gives advice on works which may or may not need listed building consent, depending on how the works are proposed to be carried out.

The advice note emphasises that informed applications are based on an understanding from the start of where special interest of a listed building lies. It outlines the staged approach by which an owner will maximise the chance of a successful listed building consent application and how helpful it is to take advice from professional advisors and experienced contractors/craftspeople. Finally, the annex contains a table giving information helpful to owners of listed houses on the need for listed building consent, or not, for works they might more usually wish to carry out to their home.


  • Introduction
  • Legal and policy background
  • Making successful applications for listed building consent
  • The listed building consent application process
  • Annex 1
    Advice on works which may not require listed building consent
    General notes
    Examples of common scenarios
    Advice on works which may not require listed building consent

Additional Information

  • Series: Guidance
  • Publication Status: Completed
  • Pages: 60
  • Product Code: HEAG304


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