Heritage Science Strategy

The Science Strategy (EHSS) explains how Historic England and the English Heritage Trust contribute to the development of heritage science as a whole and the National Heritage Science Strategy (NHSS).

It includes a set of short term and medium term actions arranged under three broad headings:

  • Understanding materials and environments
  • Raising awareness, improving methods, access to information and advice
  • Capacity, capability and public benefit

English Heritage Science Strategy

Published 29 October 2013

The English Heritage Science Strategy (EHSS) describes how the heritage science - based work of English Heritage contributes to the overall development of heritage science and supports the National Heritage Protection Plan.

The current strategy was launched in 2013 and the priorities are expressed in relation to  the now superseded National Heritage Protection Plan (NHPP). We will be updating the strategy to meet Heritage 2020, the Historic England action plan and English Heritage Trust priorities.

Our science network

As part of the EHSS we have set up a Science Network to deliver the EHSS and bring together heritage scientists from both Historic England and English Heritage to exchange information and ideas, foster collaboration and increase the impact of the heritage science research we undertake.  

The science network aims to increase the number of citizen scientists taking part in heritage projects and develop approaches inspired by Science 2.0.   

Gill Campbell convenes the Science Network and represents Historic England on the National Heritage Science Forum.

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National Heritage Science Forum

The National Heritage Science Forum  leads in delivering the National Heritage Science Strategy and shaping the future of heritage science in the UK.

Members include museums, art galleries, universities, heritage organisations and professional bodies. They are working together to advance the understanding and conservation of heritage through the application of scientific research and increase public engagement.

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National Heritage Science Strategy

In 2006 the House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology (HoLSTC) urged the heritage science sector to work together to develop a national strategy.

To this end a steering committee was set up and in 2010 the National Heritage Science Strategy (NHSS) was published. It has two principle aims:

  1. Demonstrate the public benefit of heritage science and increase public engagement and support for it.
  2. Improve partnership within the sector and with others by increasing collaboration to help practice make better use of research, knowledge and innovation and to enhance resources, funding and skills.
Three NHSS reports informed the NHSS.

The role of science in the management of the UK’s heritage

Published 20 April 2009

This report is the first of three which provide the ‘evidence-base’ for a UK wide strategy for heritage science, covering both movable and immovable heritage.

The use of science to enhance our understanding of the past

Published 27 July 2009

This is the second of three reports which provide the ‘evidence-base’ for a UK wide strategy for heritage science, covering both movable and immovable heritage.

Understanding capacity in the heritage science sector

Published 22 September 2009

This is the last of three reports which provide the ‘evidence-base’ for a UK wide strategy for heritage science, covering both movable and immovable heritage.

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