Image showing experts taking samples of wood from a roof truss in Kirby Hall
Taking samples for dendrochronology from the roof truss between the Ballroom [Great Chamber] and the room to south, in Kirby Hall, Kirby, Northamptonshire. DP152621 © Historic England, Patricia Payne
Taking samples for dendrochronology from the roof truss between the Ballroom [Great Chamber] and the room to south, in Kirby Hall, Kirby, Northamptonshire. DP152621 © Historic England, Patricia Payne

Research Reports

We are committed to making as much of our research available to as wide an audience as possible.

Our Research Report series includes research into the physical evidence of the historic environment carried out by Historic England (formerly English Heritage), as well as work we have funded other organisations to carry out on our behalf.

In addition to reports about specific buildings or sites it now includes reports from our large area aerial survey mapping programmes, as well as much of the key research commissioned under the former National Heritage Protection Plan 2011-2015. An important exception to this is social and economic research including labour market research results, which you can find in our dedicated social and economic research pages.

You can search the Research Reports series through our dedicated search page:

Search our Research Reports database

Accessing large area survey reports using our map

As part of our commitment to improving access to our reports, we are running a trial using an interactive map to help you find and download project results with a clear geographic extent. The map includes aerial investigation and mapping projects covering large areas. Most of these reports contain an overview and analysis of the archaeological remains in each project area. The original data for each project, made up of mapping and records, is available from the Archive.

Research Reports Map

Explore our research reports with this map, which is an on-going project, showing a selection of research reports for place-based projects published after 2006.

We have begun with non-invasive surveys, we will add details of scientific analysis, such as tree ring dating and archaeobotany. Over time we aim to show all reports for place-based projects here.

Research Reports Map

Find Stonehenge research reports using our map

Download all 20 reports from our recent research using our new interactive map of the Stonehenge landscape. You can also buy the Stonehenge Landscape book from our online bookshop.

Together with the book, these reports represent an up-to-date synthesis of this iconic monument and surrounding area; the results of several years' fieldwork and research.

The reports provide accurate, detailed information on the location, surviving shape and size of the monuments in the World Heritage Site; from the prehistoric barrows to the more recent monuments, such as the early 20th-century Air Ministry markers.

Interim Reports

Some of these reports are interim reports, making the results of specialist investigations available in advance of full publication. They are not usually subject to external refereeing, and their conclusions may sometimes have to be modified in the light of information not available at the time of the investigation.

Where no final project report is available, you should consult the author before citing these reports in any publication. Opinions expressed in these reports are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily those of Historic England.

The Research Reports' database replaces the former:

  • Ancient Monuments Laboratory (AML) Reports Series
  • The Centre for Archaeology (CfA) Reports Series
  • The Archaeological Investigation Report Series and
  • The Architectural Investigation Reports Series.

Please note. We no longer provide printed versions of these reports as all published reports are now available to download from this website.

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