Beach huts at Southwold, Suffolk. Photographed in March 2003 © Historic England K030616

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On these pages you will find our digital magazine Historic England Research as well as articles about our the work we carry out or fund. Our latest issue focuses on the heritage of tourism and seaside resorts.

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An aerial view of the seafront at Weston-super-Mare.

Introduction Issue 13

John Cattell, Historic England's National Head of Research introduces highlights of our research focusing on tourism and seaside heritage.

View of a village in picturesque hilly countryside.

Our Tourism Research

The context for Historic England's research into tourism heritage.

A small tourist train passing along Brighton seafront.

The Serious Business of Holidaymaking

A look at the history of tourism and tourist destinations in Britain.

A 21st-century view of a beach, with seas defences, a promenade with tall sculptures in the shape of dune grass and Blackpool tower.

Exploring the Seafront

Explore the seafront heritage of England's seaside resorts, a space that is both familiar and surprising.

A crescent of elegant houses.

Weston: a Victorian Seaside Town

Research into the historic buildings of Weston-super-Mare from the Victorian period onward.

An aerial view of a beach, pier and seafront amusements.

Weston: The View From Above

Historic aerial photographs of this Heritage Action Zone in Historic England’s Archive show Weston at war and peace.

A view of a harbour with buildings, a large crane and a small yacht.

Postcards from Ramsgate

A sneak behind-the-scenes preview of Historic England's historic area assessment of Ramsgate.

An archive photograph of a seaside resort beach scene with crowds in 1920s clothing.

I Do Like to See Beside the Seaside

Exploring 150 years of seaside photography in the Historic England Archive.

Image showing general view of Nine Barrows, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.

Back Issues

Here you can download back issues of Historic England Research magazine and its predecessor Research News.

An aerial view of an archaeological landscape in Northern England.

30 Years of Flying in the North

Celebrating the achievements of Historic England's aerial recording programme in the North of England.

Colour photo showing a high winged single engine pane in flight

50 Years of Flying for Heritage

Learn about discoveries made in over 50 years of flying by Historic England aerial photographers and their predecessors.

Digital 3D model of a chalk cut map of Australia

Rediscovering Australia

Find out about a project to restore a 'lost' chalk map cut into a Wiltshire hillside by First World War Australian troops.

An aerial view of excavations at Pocklington in the East Riding of Yorkshire showing a number of small enclosures containing graves

Challenges for Archaeology

Announcing a project to work towards solutions to important issues within the archaeology sector in England.

A sword pommel from the Staffordshire Hoard

Staffordshire Hoard

Update of progress of research into the stunning Anglo-Saxon Staffordshire Hoard.

Red lighting shows the outline of archaeological remains of a building preserved beneath a modern development.

Preserving Archaeological Remains

A behind the scenes look at recent guidelines for best practice in preserving archaeological sites

A reconstructed cooking pot and contents over a fire

Organic Residue Analysis

Describing the thinking behind Historic England's 2017 guide to organic residue analysis and what this technique can bring to archaeology.

A reconstruction drawing of a group of Neanderthals butchering a mammoth

Why the Old Stone Age Still Matters

Exploring the importance of evidence for early human activity in Britain

Detail of a clay pipe decorated to promote the abolition of the slave trade.

The National Pipe Archive

Historic England funding enables online access to digital resources and guidance notes from the National Pipe Archive.

Aerial photograph of a damaged historic bridge.

Research is Enriching the List

Find out how Historic England research is enriching the National Heritage List for England- and how you can help too.