Gosport, Stokes Bay, concrete matting laid to assist troop embarkation for D-Day. © Reproduced courtesy of W.D. Cocroft.

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On these pages you will find our digital magazine Historic England Research as well as articles about our the work we carry out or fund. Our latest issue features some research highlights from the South-East and South-West of England and adjacent waters, along with a look at an archive project with national scope.

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Introduction to Issue 15

Introducing highlights of research from the South East and South West regions and their adjacent waters, along with a national scope archive project.

Researching Ramsgate

A historic area assessment of Ramsgate and new book supports decision-making on heritage-led regeneration in Ramsgate’s Heritage Action Zone.

Gosport: A Town Defined by its Military Heritage

Gosport is a place whose character is defined by its military heritage and this is underpinning the town’s Heritage Action Zone and regeneration.

Emmets Post

An archaeological project part-funded by Historic England revealed intriguing construction details at a Bronze Age barrow on the edge of Dartmoor.

Fishing for Heritage

Maritime archaeologists worked with fishermen to investigate underwater heritage off the Sussex coast, including a crashed US military aircraft.

Fish and Ships

Why protecting shipwrecks and biodiversity go hand in hand.

Picturing Construction, Constructing Identity

Construction history researcher Tony Presland gives us a preview of his developing research into the John Laing Collection of photographs.

Back Issues

Here you can download back issues of Historic England Research magazine and its predecessor Research News.

The 'London' Wreck

Work on the 'London' wreck has revealed a wealth of information about this 17th-century warship.

30 Years of Flying in the North

Celebrating the achievements of Historic England's aerial recording programme in the North of England.

50 Years of Flying for Heritage

Learn about discoveries made in over 50 years of flying by Historic England aerial photographers and their predecessors.

Rediscovering Australia

Find out about a project to restore a 'lost' chalk map cut into a Wiltshire hillside by First World War Australian troops.

Challenges for Archaeology

Announcing a project to work towards solutions to important issues within the archaeology sector in England.

Staffordshire Hoard

Update of progress of research into the stunning Anglo-Saxon Staffordshire Hoard.

Preserving Archaeological Remains

A behind the scenes look at recent guidelines for best practice in preserving archaeological sites

Organic Residue Analysis

Describing the thinking behind Historic England's 2017 guide to organic residue analysis and what this technique can bring to archaeology.

Why the Old Stone Age Still Matters

Exploring the importance of evidence for early human activity in Britain

The National Pipe Archive

Historic England funding enables online access to digital resources and guidance notes from the National Pipe Archive.

Research is Enriching the List

Find out how Historic England research is enriching the National Heritage List for England- and how you can help too.