Access to Built Environment Records

HIAS aims to integrate research and investigation of built heritage with that of landscape, buried and submerged archaeology to ensure that the record represents the whole historic environment. We are undertaking a number of pieces of work in the HIAS programme to achieve this goal.

Frequently asked questions about HIAS built environment research initiatives

As part of HIAS work packages and a workshop focused on built environment recording issues we have produced a set of responses to Frequently Asked Questions about commonly raised topics.

OASIS and buildings: online reporting of investigations

We want to encourage those who generate records of the historic built environment to deposit reports of the investigations as an 'event record' on the OASIS event recording system. Ultimately, all heritage professionals and planners should derive great benefit from this. However, OASIS was designed originally for archaeological records, rather than those pertaining to buildings. To amend this, ADS has been funded to design a ‘buildings module’ in the new OASIS system. A prototype version of this was opened up for comments in March 2016, and is now being further refined as part of the redevelopment project which aims to deliver the new OASIS system in October 2018. For more information see the FAQs above. 

Business process mapping of built environment recording

We commissioned Oakleigh Consulting to carry out Business Process Mapping work to establish a better understanding of how information arising from investigations and research into the built historic environment is managed and processed.

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