Support for Place-Making and Design

Place-making is the process we use to shape our public spaces and buildings. Rooted in community-based participation, place-making involves planning, design, and management. It brings together diverse people (including professionals, elected officials, local groups, residents, and businesses) to improve a community’s cultural, economic, social and environmental situation. It’s often best achieved through a clear understanding of the historic significance of the existing place.

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How does Historic England support place-making and design?

Our support of place-making includes supporting communities and planning authorities. Through our advice, research and listing we help to develop knowledge and awareness of historic places, identify buildings and places that are 'special' and contribute to developing local and neighbourhood plans. We also provide financial support through our grants to support exemplary projects and tackle heritage at risk. 

  • Planning
    Our advice on strategic, local and neighbourhood plans, as well as on individual applications, helps to identify ways to protect and enhance heritage whilst enriching and inspiring new development.
  • Research
    Our characterisation projects and Historic Area Assessments (including via our new charged-for services) provide a deeper understanding of places.
  • Listing
    Historic England, on behalf of the Secretary of State, identifies and defines the most important historic elements of a place from a national perspective. These are listed and defined in the online National Heritage List for England. Local designation of conservation areas and other heritage assets complements this national list. The variety of protected assets contributes to the character of places.
  • Grants
    We run a number of grant schemes to help with the cost of caring for all sorts of buildings, monuments, areas and landscapes. With our national perspective, we target funds on those of high importance, which are seriously at risk, and where other attempts to improve the situation have not succeeded. Our grants also help to develop new methods for planning and conservation. These can be used as examples. They also help to develop skills and support participation within communities and in local planning authorities they support participation in place-making.
  • Heritage Action Zones
    Through our Heritage Action Zones initiative, we're working to breathe new life into old places. By unleashing the power in England's historic environment to create economic growth, the initiative will improve quality of life in villages, towns and cities.

New strategy coming soon

We're developing a place-making strategy to establish our aspirations for making better places, with heritage as the delivery vehicle for public benefits.

The strategy is due to be published later in 2018, and will address how we can best deploy our range of services to achieve meaningful and positive change in historic places. It will interpret and develop the notion of 'good growth', explaining the potential for heritage to positively contribute to social, cultural, economic and environmental change through area-based initiatives, such as our Heritage Action Zones.

The strategy will also consider how best to deploy Historic England’s Urban Panel to share expertise, and to help inform successful regeneration which has a clear focus on the heritage and significance of a place. Our strategy will also consider how we can work most effectively with others engaged in this important area.

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