We want every child to be inspired by their local heritage and every teacher to have brilliant resources to use inside and outside the classroom.

Education resources

We offer a wide range of ready-made free online learning resources for teachers. We can also create bespoke Local History Packs for your school. Here you can find out more about the resources we have to offer and watch our video about the work of Historic England.

  • Teaching Activities

    Teaching Activities provide a selected image supported by a teaching idea and associated downloadable resources.

  • Classroom Resources

    Resources such as PowerPoint presentations, worksheets and notes for teachers to download and use in the classroom.

  • Case Studies

    Case Studies demonstrate how Historic England's resources can be used inside and outside the classroom.

  • Archive Education Resources

    Find out more about our Local History Packs that are available from the Historic England Archive for teachers.

Teaching activities by key stage

Our teaching activities provide a photo from the Historic England archive along with teaching ideas and activities. 

Heritage Schools

Developed in response to the government report on cultural education in England, our Heritage Schools programme aims to help school children develop an understanding of their local heritage and its significance.

Images for classrooms

Search over 10,000 educational images, selected and re-captioned from our Archive. Use these images for free in the classroom by right-clicking and clicking save. To buy a higher-resolution version image, or a licence to use an image for any other purpose, contact: [email protected].

Careers support

Historic England offers a virtual work experience programme for 16-18-year-olds twice a year. You can also find guidance on where to find out more about Heritage Careers.

  • Work Experience

    Our virtual work experience programme for young people aged 15 and over.

  • Careers in Heritage

    Students can find out more about careers in heritage, placements and volunteering opportunities.