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Technical Guidance

Aimed at anyone working on heritage projects, this section provides practical guidance on surveying, managing and caring for historic buildings and their settings, as well as specialist techniques for investigating heritage.

image of an 18th Century building in Stamford, Lincolnshire

Looking After Historic Buildings

How to maintain and repair historic buildings, including advice on the types of materials and treatment methods to use.

Photo of the gardens at Arley Hall

Looking After Parks, Gardens and Landscapes

How to look after historic parks, gardens and landscapes

Radiator at Belsize Fire Station, London

Building Services Engineering

How to look after building services such as electrics, heating, plumbing and ventilation in historic buildings.

Energy efficiency has become increasingly important in historic buildings

Energy Efficiency

How to improve the energy efficiency of older buildings in ways that are sympathetic to their historic character.

Flooding in and around Tewkesbury in 2007

Flooding & Historic Buildings

How to inspect, conserve and repair historic buildings after flooding, as well as ways to prevent flood damage in the first place.

Firefighters forming a chain to pass objects to each other

Emergency Planning and Fire Advice

Look for advice about fire safety and emergency planning in the heritage sector.

Image showing the cleaning of bronze statuary on a a war memorial with super-heated water.

Looking After War Memorials

Aimed at anyone who manages or cares for a war memorial or memorial garden, this page provides practical advice to help you.

image of a ramp at Easling Town Hall, London, illustrating easy access to historic buildings

Improving Accessibility

How to adapt historic buildings and landscapes to make them more accessible to people with disabilities.

Archaeologists taking samples during an excavation

Archaeological Science

See our advice and guidance on archaeological science.

Member of staff teaching surveying at Kenilworth Castle as part of the Historic England Metric Survey School

Recording Heritage

How to survey historic places to the best standard possible, using our wide-ranging technical survey guidance.

Detail of name plate on Hudsell lift, Tunnel Quarry, Corsham Tunnels

Information Management

This section is aimed at those responsible for recording, curating and maintaining information about the historic environment.

A group of experts meeting a project manager on-site

Project Management

Our general approach to project management, with specialist advice, guidance and training.