Looking After Historic Buildings

How to maintain and repair historic buildings, including advice on the types of materials and treatment methods to use.
  • Tile pavement

    Building Materials

    The use of authentic material helps to retain the character of historic buildings and in turn supports traditional industries and vital craft skills.

  • Brickwork - lack of maintenance

    Maintenance and Repair

    Good maintenance and repair of historic buildings is fundamental to their preservation, following proven materials and methods.

  • Cleaning out gutters on an old house in Dorset

    Maintenance Plans

    How to draw up a maintenance plan for a building; what the plan needs to consider, and how often it needs to be supported by maintenance inspections.

  • Image of the Practical Building Conservation series of books

    Practical Building Conservation Series

    Practical Building Conservation - Comprehensive and practical reference books for professionals involved in repairing historic buildings.

  • A historic building in Lavenham village, Suffolk

    Principles of Repair

    This page describes the main principles of repair for historic buildings

  • Weavers' Triangle Tower in Burnley, Lancashire - a vacant historic building

    Vacant Historic Buildings

    An owner's guide to vacant historic buildings

  • Fibrous plaster ceilings require survey by a competent plasterwork inspector and repair and maintenance by a competent plasterwork contractor familiar with these historic constructions.

    Fibrous Plaster Ceilings

    Guidance to help determine the competency of specialist inspectors and contractors you need, and to define the required standard of inspection.

  • The Heaven Room, Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire, 1619

    Decorative Features

    Advice on the care and conservation of wall paintings and other decorative features.

  • Thermal performance of energy efficiency improvements to timber windows at the Engine House, Swindon

    Technical Conservation Guidance Brochure

    Our brochure lists all our current free-to-download technical conservation guidance and research reports.

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