People in hoists working on the exterior brickwork of the kiln
Works in progress at Corbridge Pottery Kilns, Northumberland © Tyne and Wear Preservation Trust
Works in progress at Corbridge Pottery Kilns, Northumberland © Tyne and Wear Preservation Trust

Why We Need Your Support

We can't achieve all that needs to be done to champion and protect England's historic environment alone.

We work with individual owners, cultural and charitable organisations, businesses and commercial bodies, faith and community groups, universities, schools, amenity societies, volunteers, the media and many other partners.

We rely on the army of volunteers who are involved in heritage protection across England.

We rely on individuals to act to help reduce heritage at risk and to bring special historic places that have been neglected back to life.

We rely on teachers educating children about the importance of their heritage.

We rely on opinion-formers to understand, appreciate and care about historic places.

We rely on town planners, developers, architects and builders to do the same.

We rely on financial support from individuals, trusts, foundations, public funders and companies to enable us to achieve all of our aims.

What we do, what we encourage and what we enable is important and has a positive impact on our society. It takes care, time, commitment, skill and knowledge.

The historic environment needs champions across England, in all walks of life. One of our most important roles is to find, create and support them. Of England's population, 99% live within a mile of a listed building or place and we know that people care: more than a third of adults in the UK say they have already taken action to protect a historic place.

We're working hard to open up and share our knowledge, expertise and assets more than ever before. We're inviting everyone to contribute and get involved, but we need your support. Together, we'll create an important legacy to hand on to future generations.

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