Collection: Burnet, Tait and Lorne Collection

1909 - 1940s
Collection containing Photographic, Graphic, Electronic and Textual material
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The collection is a record of selected architectural and civil engineering commissions, both British and foreign, undertaken by this firm of architects in the earlier part of the twentieth century, between 1909 and the 1940s. Mainly photographic in nature, it comprises original monochrome prints, acetate negatives with prints, and 2 albums of photographs. There are also 21 files, 12 of which contain material on English sites (mainly photographic copies of drawings with some cuttings from architectural journals); the remaining files are of Scottish or foreign commissions.

Archival History

In 1905 John James Burnet moved his successful architectural practice from Glasgow to London, having been selected to design the King Edward VII galleries at the British Museum. He was subsequently knighted for services to architecture in 1914. His partners at this time were Thomas Tait and Francis Lorne. After Sir John Burnet's retirement in 1928, Thomas Tait was made senior designer, and following Burnet's death in 1938, Tait became senior partner.

The collection was acquired by the NMR in the mid-1990s and was catalogued between November 1999 and February 2000.


This Collection is divided into 23 Volumes and 230 Child Records
This Collection contains the following materials:
Photograph (Acetate Negative): 22
Photograph (Postcard - Photographic): 6
Photograph (Print): 668
Photograph Album: 2
Map: 3
Print - Mechanical: 51
Sketch: 2
Photograph (Digital): 5
Correspondence: 1
Extract/Cutting: 23
File: 21
Offprint: 3
Pamphlet: 3
Published Material: 8


Source: Historic England Archive