Collection: Harold St George Gray Collection

19th Century - 1939
Arbor Low, Middleton and Smerrill, Derbyshire Dales, Derbyshire
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Castle Neroche, Curland, Taunton Deane, Somerset
Cumberlands Mount, Wantisden, Suffolk Coastal, Suffolk
Fernacre Stone Circle, St. Breward, Cornwall
Glastonbury Lake Village, Godney, Mendip, Somerset
Leaze Stone Circle, St. Breward, Cornwall
Stannon Stone Circle, St. Breward, Cornwall
Stripple Stones, Blisland, Cornwall
Trippet Stones, Blisland, Cornwall
Warham Camp, Warham, North Norfolk, Norfolk
Collection containing Photographic, Graphic, Electronic, Textual and Miscellaneous material
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A collection of archive, comprising photographs, surveys, section drawings, artefact drawings and a map, relating to Arbor Low, stone circles of East Cornwall, Warham Camp, Cumberland's Mount, Glastonbury Lake Village and Castle Neroche. The collection also contains material from Dr. A Bulleid's archive, brought to Taunton in 1949. The Glastonbury Lake Village excavation was published by Bulleid and Gray in two volumes, 1911 and 1917. Note: there is Gray archive at Avebury.

Condition : INTACT Bibliographic Reference: 1) 1908, Volume LXI, Part 1 (Stone Circles of East Cornwall) 2) 1903, Volume LVIII, Part 2 (Arbor Low) 3) 1933, Volume XIII (Warham Camp) 4) 1903, Volume 49 (Castle Neroche)


This Collection is divided into 1 Child Series
This Collection contains the following materials:
Photograph (Negative): 569
Photograph (Print): 931
Photograph (Print): 163
Annotated Map: 3
Excavation Plan: 18
Measured Drawing: 163
Measured Drawing: 40
Survey: 26
Photograph (Digital): 2
Book/Volume: 19
Catalogue: 10
Correspondence: 9
Loose Notes: 6
Miscellaneous: 5
Table: 1


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Creator of Archive: Gray, Harold St George

Creator of Archive: Bulleid, A


Post Medieval Beacon, Medieval Earthwork, Iron Age Fort, Neolithic Henge, Neolithic Stone Circle, Iron Age Hillfort, Iron Age Lake Village, Medieval Motte And Bailey, Bronze Age Stone Circle, Bronze Age Hengiform Monument