Collection: Sporne, Dr Kenneth R

1970 - 1988
Collection containing Photographic and Textual material
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A collection of 1256 colour 35mm slides, taken by Dr K R Sporne between 1970 - 1988. The slides are annotated with information including building name/site, county, year taken and a six figure grid reference, sometimes with additional notes.

The slides are in two series, one showing 379 images of post mills, tower mills, and smock mills, taken between 1970-1983 in the south-east and east of England, but also Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset and Galloway. The other series shows 877 photographs of stocks, jougs and pillories (all instruments used for the punishment and public humiliation of offenders). They were taken between 1978-1988 in several counties throughout England, with a few also taken in Scotland and Wales.

This material has not yet been fully catalogued. Copyright, date, and quantity information for this record may be incomplete or inaccurate.

Coverage : Stocks and Jougs Windmills and Watermills National Photography Type : Investigator

A handlist of slides is available.

Archival History

Received Via : Sporne Estate Provenance : Fellow Emeritus of Downing College, Cambridge University, CB Some of the photographs and information here has been used in Dr Sporne's 2 volume An Illustrated Catalogue of Stocks in Great Britain (vol 2 with appendix on Jougs). Photographs date from 1960s


This Collection contains the following materials:
Photograph (35mm Slide): 1,256
Photograph (Print): 40
File: 1