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1914 - 2017
Collection containing Photographic material
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The collection shows cinemas and theatres throughout England, photographed or compiled by Norman Walley. The majority of the photographs date from around 1970 to 2017 and were taken by Walley, though the collection also contains around 190 copies of earlier photographs. Some of these can be definitively attributed to John Maltby, while the original photographers of most others are unknown. Some of these photographs show cinemas and theatres when they were first opened. Of Walley's original photographs, many were probably taken during visits arranged by the Cinema Theatre Association, of which Walley was a member from 1980.

The photographs show cinema and theatre exteriors, interiors, architectural details and projection rooms. Frequently, the same buildings are photographed at various times over a number of years or decades, showing the change in use, decor and architecture as alterations were carried out. As such, the photographs were arranged by Walley in runs organised by location, though some images are out of place.

There is broad coverage across England, and additionally the collection includes around 30 images from Wales, Isle of Man, and Jersey. There are also several general views and photographs of nearby buildings or attractions unrelated to cinemas and theatres.

Archival History

The collection was acquired by the Historic England Archive in 2018.


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Photograph (35mm Slide): 3,087


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Creator of Archive: Walley, Norman


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