Collection: Stoke on Trent Historic Buildings Survey

6 Jul 1982
Foley Potteries, King Street, Fenton, City of Stoke-on-Trent
Collection containing Photographic and Textual material
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A photographic record of the Foley Potteries, King Street, Fenton (SJ9050844003), undertaken by R Harding and D Baker, members of the Stoke-on-Trent Historic Buildings Survey, in 1982. The collection contains 18 mounted black and white photographs showing interior and exterior views of the derelict site. There are also two sets of accompanying survey notes. The first (F22) gives a potted history of the site. The second (F22A) contains a brief architectural report including condition and site plan. The Foley Potteries was constructed circa 1820 by John Smith, a property owner in Fenton. The 19th century saw the business grow and the site expand but by the turn of the 20th century a period of decline set in. The buildings have since been demolished.


This Collection contains the following materials:
Photograph (Print): 18
Loose Notes: 2


Georgian Pottery Works