Okehampton Range: Monument Baseline Condition Survey. Appendix 3b. All monuments: detailed descriptions and references. English Heritage Ancient Monuments in England (AMIE) records Nos 895323 - 1398641

25 Oct 2004
Dartmoor Forest, Okehampton Range, West Devon, Devon
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Lydford, Okehampton Range, West Devon, Devon
Gidleigh, Okehampton Range, West Devon, Devon
Okehampton Hamlets, Okehampton Range, West Devon, Devon
Throwleigh, Okehampton Range, West Devon, Devon
Okehampton, Okehampton Range, West Devon, Devon
South Tawton, Okehampton Range, West Devon, Devon
Okeamton Range Training Area, Belstone, Okehampton Range, West Devon, Devon
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The appendix contains print-outs of the relevant AMIE monument reports.


This is part of the Volume: AF00146 Archaeological Baseline Condition Survey, Okehampton Range, Devon; within the Series: EHC01/001 EH Archaeological Requests; within the Collection: EHC01 English Heritage(EH):Archive


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Prehistoric Or Roman Stone Alignment, Uncertain Stone Alignment, Prehistoric Hut Circle, Prehistoric Or Roman Hut Circle, Uncertain Hut Circle, Uncertain Hollow, Uncertain Holy Well, Bronze Age Field, Bronze Age Round Barrow, Bronze Age Round Cairn, Medieval Ridge And Furrow, Prehistoric Non Antiquity, Medieval Prospecting Pit, Post Medieval Prospecting Pit, Bronze Age Pound, 20th Century Railway, Post Medieval Railway, 20th Century Quarry, 20th Century Military Training Site, Post Medieval Military Training Site, Post Medieval Millstone, 20th Century Observation Post, Post Medieval Observation Post, Uncertain Mound, Post Medieval Pillow Mound, Post Medieval Linear Earthwork, Prehistoric Linear Feature, Bronze Age Stone Circle, Post Medieval Stone Grubbing Site, Post Medieval Stone Quarry, Post Medieval Stone, 20th Century Target, Post Medieval Target, 20th Century Telecommunication Building, Post Medieval Structure, Post Medieval Shaft, 20th Century Semaphore Station, 20th Century Shelter, Medieval Shelter, Post Medieval Shelter, Post Medieval Shepherds Hut, Post Medieval Shooting Stand, Medieval Stamping Mill, Medieval Streamworks, Post Medieval Streamworks, 20th Century Reave, Bronze Age Reave, Post Medieval Reservoir, 20th Century Wall, Bronze Age Unenclosed Hut Circle Settlement, 20th Century Weapons Pit, Post Medieval Wheel Pit, Medieval Water Channel, Post Medieval Water Channel, Early Med. Or Later Tinners Cache, Early Med. Or Later Tinners Hut, Medieval Tinners Hut, Post Medieval Tinners Hut, Bronze Age Tor Cairn, Bronze Age Tin Mine, 20th Century Trench, Early Med. Or Later Trackway, Post Medieval Trackway, Medieval Tin Works, Post Medieval Tin Works, Bronze Age Stone Alignment, 20th Century Bank (Earthwork), Bronze Age Bank (Earthwork), Post Medieval Adit, Bronze Age Aggregate Field System, Post Medieval Bomb Crater, Post Medieval Boundary Bank, Uncertain Barrow, Post Medieval Boundary Stone, Post Medieval Dressing Floor, Bronze Age Burial Cairn, Bronze Age Cairnfield, Post Medieval Causeway, Bronze Age Cist, Medieval Clapper Bridge, Post Medieval Clapper Bridge, Bronze Age Boundary Wall, Post Medieval Boundary Wall, Medieval Blowing House, 20th Century Butts, Post Medieval Butts, 20th Century Bridge, Uncertain Building, Early Med. Or Later Boundary Stone, Bronze Age Cairn, Early Med. Or Later Cairn, Post Medieval Cairn, Prehistoric Cairn, Uncertain Cairn, 20th Century Findspot, Iron Age Findspot, Mesolithic Findspot, Post Medieval Findspot, Prehistoric Or Roman Findspot, Prehistoric Flint Scatter, 20th Century Gun Emplacement, 20th Century Engine Shed, Bronze Age Field Boundary, Medieval Extractive Pit, Post Medieval Extractive Pit, Medieval Field System, Medieval Earthwork, Bronze Age Enclosure, Prehistoric Enclosure, Prehistoric Or Roman Enclosure, Uncertain Enclosure, Bronze Age Enclosed Hut Circle Settlement, Prehistoric Enclosed Hut Circle Settlement, Bronze Age Enclosed Settlement, Prehistoric Or Roman Enclosed Settlement, Bronze Age Clearance Cairn, Bronze Age Leat, Early Med. Or Later Leat, Medieval Leat, Post Medieval Leat, Uncertain Leat, Post Medieval Mine Building, Bronze Age Hut Circle Settlement, Iron Age Hut Circle Settlement, Bronze Age Hut, Early Med. Or Later Hut, Medieval Hut, Post Medieval Hut, Uncertain Hut, Bronze Age Hut Circle