Series: Airviews Collection - colour series 1

1970 - 1991
Series containing Photographic material
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The collection contains film negatives and transparencies in a variety of formats in colour of oblique aerial views produced by Airviews between about 1970 and 1991.

The items in this series have a numerical reference ranges from 241 to 33,403. There are also some 55mm x 55mm negatives with the references 67,798 to 94,827. Transparencies have the prefix C/T and negatives have the prefix C/N and both formats are stored in the same numerical sequence. The estimated quantity is made on the basis of the number of boxes (89) multiplied by the estimated number of items in each box (1000). There are numerous gaps in the sequence due to losses, unassigned numbers, and clients having custody of negatives and transparencies.

The negatives were decanted from filing cabinet drawers into boxes before they arrived at the NMR and the alphanumeric codes of the boxes reflect the codes on the drawers.

Details of each negative and transparency is recorded in registers numbered 81 to 86 on the register handlist (AFL03/03) and these often include date, client, location and photographer.

Archival History

The Airviews collection, which seems to have begun in 1947, was purchased by Aerofilms in 1979 although Airviews continued to trade separately until 1992.


This is part of the Collection: AFL03 Aerofilms collection

This Series contains the following materials:
Photograph (Negative): 89,000