Series: Impact of the Motor Car

Mid 20th century; 01 Nov 2005 - 07 Jan 2008
Series containing Photographic and Textual material
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The project is to be undertaken by Kathryn Morrison and John Minnis over 3 years and:

'will explore the impact of the motor car on buildings and places, throughout England, from c.1890 to the present day. It will look how the car changed towns and cities, how planners and architects met the challenge of coping with the car and will trace the evolution of a whole range of building types designed to serve the car such as garages, filling stations, car dealerships, car parks, motels and roadside cafes.

The earliest of these buildings are now over 100 years old and it is important that they are properly recorded so we can understand the significance of those that survive. This will be the first full study of buildings associated with the motor car and we will also be looking at how it has affected lifestyles and behaviour.' (quoted from a proposed leaflet on the project provided by John Minnis)

One of the expected products of the project is an illustrated book.


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Photographer: Davies, James O

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