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The Survey of London was founded in 1894 by C. R. Ashbee. The aim was visionary: to discover, record, and by doing so help save, the historic monuments of Greater London.

Originally organized and carried out entirely by volunteers, the Survey of London was for many years run by the London County Council and its successor the Greater London Council. With the GLC's abolition it became the responsibility of the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England, which in 1999 was merged with English Heritage.

Each volume in the main or 'parish' series examines a particular area, giving a description of its buildings (including many which have been demolished), explaining how they came into being and outlining their significance and historical associations. The text, based to a large degree on original research, is illustrated with contemporary and archive photographs, area maps, and measured drawings of selected buildings.

Only the area maps for Volume XLI Southern Kensington : Brompton are held at the NMR. All other material must be requested from the Survey of London.


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