Series: The Small House in Eighteenth Century London

1681 - 2004
Greater London Authority
Series containing Photographic, Graphic, Textual and Miscellaneous material
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The project originated in a series of thematic area surveys initiated by the RCHME in 1997, and continued by English Heritage following merger in 1999. Along with numerous single-site surveys, these surveys came about because regeneration and conservation initiatives in inner London districts highlighted the lack of any interpretative framwork for smaller eighteenth-century houses.

The project resulted in the publication of 'The Small House in Eighteenth-Century London' by Peter Guillery in 2004.

Archival History

Although the project was initiated by the RCHME's area surveys, it seems that the material in the Buildings Files was generated by EH after merger, thus the series is part of the English Heritage (EH) archive.


This is part of the Collection: EHC01 English Heritage(EH):Archive

This Series is divided into 26 Child Volumes
This Series contains the following materials:
Photograph (Print): 344
Map: 34
Measured Drawing: 66
File: 21
Pamphlet: 1
Record Sheet/Form: 2
Report: 25
Photocopy: 59


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